Wedding information and pricing

You have probably been looking at a lot of photography websites and pricing approaches. 

My pricing is simple, because planning can be stressful.

I have a la carte pricing so you can build your own package and include only the elements you need for your wedding photography. I also have some custom photography packages that are designed to combine coverage and products for a superior value.

Always Included:

Included in all of my packages are high-resolution digital copies of your photographs.

A preview set of 20 images available 2 weeks after your wedding

High resolution edited images in an online gallery 2 months after your wedding

Watermark-free digital files of your wedding images

Guidance about planning your logistics, wrangling relatives, and feeling great in your photos

Ideas if you want them, good cheer if you don’t, and a camp counselor voice when needed

Let’s figure it out:

Looking natural and comfortable in photos is super important – its so important that I want you to not worry about it at all. Making sure you look great, that you are posed well and in great spaces – all of that is my job, and we will figure out the best way for you to feel perfectly you. That process is going to be fun!

And before your wedding, lets do lots of chatting about your timeline, your family photos, and whatever else you have in mind (like, desserts for sure).

While we are doing that, lets also chat about food, and your favorite places to travel, and about all the amazing people that are going to celebrate with you, because that will put us on the same page for how to best document your celebration! 

Pricing Information: 

Pricing begins at 2800. Most couples pay between 3800-4900 for a full day of wedding photography with an album. Happy to share full pricing information with you!

What questions can I answer for you?

Contact me via email
via phone/text 612-242-7790
or drop me a line below?

Weddings: Favorite Images
Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photography

Q. What is your style? A. I’m a documentary storyteller – showing happy and natural images of the two of you, fun and comfortable images with your wedding party and family, joyful candid images, and timeless documentation of day, all with an eye towards bringing the environment (be it a moody warehouse, a snowy prairie, or cabin in the woods) into the images. I’m also know for my “camp counselor” voice – making family formal portraits happen quickly and beautifully.

I’m probably best known for my work in dark spaces, as well as for my portraits with lighting. I often use a compositional technique called “flash composite” in which I layer multiple images together for a  dramatic group image.

Q. When should we book a photographer? A. You’ve read all the way to this part of my page, so photography is clearly important to you! Booking your photographer is something you’ll want to do as soon as you have your wedding date confirmed. Most out-of-towners book within a few days of getting in touch – I have a simple online system for booking, or we can set up a time to meet in person or via skype.

Q. Should we do an engagement session with you? A. Look, you probably have not had professional photos taken of yourself. That makes engagement sessions are totally a fun time to get used to being in front of the camera, getting to know each other, and make use of locations or weather that would be difficult on your wedding day.

That said, you totally might not want or need engagement photos, and that is cool, too. Either way, the photos I take on your wedding day will be a singular amazing experience and I’ll make sure you look comfortable and at your best.

Engagement photos are about all the other days you spend together.

Q. Our location is really dark/bright/windy/wet – can you shoot it? A. Short answer: yes.

Long answer: One of the most important parts of wedding photography is having a lot of tools available no matter how the day unfolds. Some of those tools are managing people, anticipating moments, and general good cheer. Some tools are tangible (like lighting, and lenses, and composition techniques). Sometimes I have to dig deep into my bag of tools and sometimes I don’t, but I’m ready with ideas no matter if your wedding is on a yacht, in a cave, or in a snowstorm.

Q. Do I have to feed you? A. Well, I do have to eat at some point, so for full day weddings I do require a meal. Some choose to seat me with the guests (and I am a lot of fun with old college friends and rowdy coworkers) and some opt for a vendor meal. When possible, I prefer to eat with guests so that I have easy access to toasts, laughter, and general dinner-time antics. Plus, then I usually get a dinner roll, my favorite food. (I do love to talk about food – I am a founding photographer for, a local online food magazine)

Olivia & Gaurav

all I can say is she was amazing to work with and commanded the respect of everyone because she knows exactly what she is doing

Q. How long until we will see our photos? A. Whenever I get photos taken (of my headshot, my family, etc) I totally watch my email like a hawk waiting to see the results. That is why I post preview images and sometimes a small gallery in the days after your wedding. The full gallery of all images are ready 2 months after your weddings and in 2-3 weeks after engagement sessions.

Q. How many photos will we get? A. You are doing a lot of planning to get the vibe of your wedding just right, and that is what I want to capture – the feeling of being there, the emotions, the laughter. I also take photos of the pretty details, but mostly of the people you’ve invited to share with you. The number of wedding images can vary depending all those things, but typically a full wedding is over 450 final images.

Q. How do I know how many hours I’ll need? A. The hilarious thing about planning your wedding is that it is totally unique to you and your people and your vision, so you probably won’t totally know the number of hours until you get closer to finalizing all that stuff. I will totally work with you to hone your timeline and make sure that the events and people you want captured are on target. Typically, weddings benefit from around 8-9 hours of coverage.

Q. Do you have a second shooter? A. I shoot a lot of weddings solo because I love the small footprint and unobtrusive nature. That said, I know that a second shooter seems like a huge addition to coverage, so I offer a second shooter at all local full day weddings.

Q: Do you travel outside of Minneapolis/Minnesota/the USA? A: Yep – destinations from Duluth to New Zealand. No charge to Madison, WI (my hometown!). I’d love to get on a plane for you – tell me where!

Q. Do you collect sales tax? A. Ask me about sitting in a 4 hour sales tax seminar! Most weddings in MN are subject to 8.025% sales tax

Q. How do albums work? A. When I am in my 80s, here is what I wish for: I want a note from a past client’s grandchild. I want a note about looking through their grandparents wedding album for the 100th time and suddenly realizing that their grandparents had been young adults, had been vulnerable and loving and silly. That they could see the joy in their great grandparents faces, laugh at the dancing, enjoy the style, feel the fun.

That is what I think about every time I deliver a wedding album – its purpose is not the be beautiful now (though they are that), but to be a time capsule for future generations. A time capsule we enjoy in our lifetimes.

Not to put pressure on my clients. I hope your album sits on table and enjoys its life with you – being touched and leafed through and loved. Those future generations might be your great nieces, or not related at all. Enjoying the memories and sharing them is the key.

I custom design all the albums I produce, I only offer flush mount albums (the most archival possible).

Q. Do we have printing rights to the images? A. All weddings and engagements include the high resolution edited files without a watermark. That said, I offer a variety of wall art because I so often hear from clients who never got around to printing the files. Canvas, framed photos, and photo boxes are available and a much more fun way to preserve images than a USB drive.

Megan & Reed

We absolutely adore our wedding photos and can’t say enough good things about Becca! She captured our day perfectly and was so much fun to work with. She is a true artist. I would recommend Becca to any and everyone!

Q. How long have you been a wedding photographer? A. I have been a full-time wedding photographer since 2006. I have shot hundreds of weddings in that time. I honestly still view every single one as a challenge and opportunity.

Q: Do you use a shot list? A: The majority of what I do is to document the day that you plan and capture the story of your wedding day and the people there. That said, I take immense effort at each wedding I photograph to make sure that the family groupings are beautiful, happy, and efficient. It’s kind of a big deal to get married, so let yourself feel it. Taking family photos should be a PART of your wedding, so enjoy being with the people that mean so much to you, and let your me worry about getting you all into place. I come from a big family and I know that family photos require a plan, so I’ll send you some info about putting together a list, and some ideas for navigating family.

Q. I want an unplugged wedding, (or I want everyone to use a hashtag and upload all their photos), what do you think? A. We want the same thing – documenting your wedding. If you want me to keep your guests in line and have the photos move along quicker, I can do a very good “Camp Counselor” voice. If you have a hashtag, let me know so I can use it, too!

Q. We don’t really like formal photos, do we have to do these? A. Good news- you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You have probably looked through my images and by now you know that the bulk of my work is candid. That said, part of my job is capturing the posed images you want and making sure it is as fun and efficient as possible.

Q. What cameras do you use? A. Lots of Nikon digital cameras, the occasional Fuji, and tons of other lenses and flashes. I am happy to tell you all about my equipment I use and all sorts of technical information if you are into cameras. If you are not into camera geekery, then know that I shoot on professional equipment with multiple redundancy.

Q. How do you dress for weddings? A: I dress in dark dress casual. Between the weird positions I get into for poses and the multiple cameras hanging off me, I can not blend in as a guest. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, and my dark attire is part of this. I view myself as a wedding ninja.

Q: Do you retouch the images? A: I edit every image before you ever see it. Usually that includes color correction, some conversions to black and white, and occasional retouching. If you have specific concerns, let me know before the wedding so I can shoot with that in mind.

Q. How do we book you? A. To hold your date, you’ll need to finish a contract (online) and return the deposit (typically $1000). The balance is due on or before the day of the wedding. If you are ready to book, just get in touch so I can send you the paperwork.

Q: I have a question you didn’t answer! A: I’m an open book – ask me anything! Just submit an email (below) and I’ll get back to you asap.

Siri & John

We researched many wedding photographers, and feel very lucky to have found Becca. From start to finish, Becca was an absolute dream. We were planning our Minneapolis wedding from out of town and so had limited time to meet with her in person, but this wasn’t a problem at all. She made it so easy! Not only is Becca wonderful to have around, but the Photos. Are. Gorgeous. She captured all the best moments of the day, and we have loved (and will continue to love) looking at the photos again and again. Give this woman your business! You won’t regret it. As my husband says, “It’s Dilley or Nilly”