Young Joni Wedding in Minneapolis

Katie and Ross’s Young Joni Wedding made New Years eve more memorable than ever!

Let me tell you a story about weddings – after photographing 400 weddings over the years, each wedding continues to have it’s own cadence and balance.

Some are quiet and introspective still-life paintings.

Some are impressionistic daubs of color and texture. I have a museum in my head of the weddings I’ve documented, and it is gorgeous to look through.

And this Young Joni wedding stands out for a few reasons.

Couple pose outside Young Joni Wedding with red bar light behind them
Outside Young Joni is a red light, the only sign to the back bar. Lighting a couple with a vertical shaft of red neon makes for an intimate portrait for this evening wedding.

First, Katie and Ross rented out Young Joni restaurant for their wedding reception. Having a whole space focused on amazing food and drink means that your guests are going to have a really really good time. And they did. The evening unfolded in waves of wood-fired pizza and hearty food courses for guests to graze on as they desired, leaving time for everyone to talk and mingle and eat.

Second, their wedding was on New Years Eve. Guests that come to New Years Eve weddings need to understand that their role is to enjoy their night enough that they can go hard at midnight, and their guests understood the assignment. There was dancing, there was yelling, there was bouncing, there were balloon drops, people were raised onto chairs, and at midnight a very excited crowd ushered in the new year.

Ceremony: Semple Mansion
Reception: Young Joni

Couple kiss at Midnight as balloons drop around them for Young Joni Wedding
A balloon drop on New Years was the perfect way to celebrate this Young Joni wedding!
A wedding ceremony at the gorgeous Minneapolis Semple Mansion.
bride and groom at semple mansion before their New Years eve wedding
The grand staircase of the Semple Mansion for this New Years eve wedding couple in Minneapolis.
couple outside in winter alley at Young Joni Wedding restaurant in Minneapoils
wedding rings on top of match books at Young Joni Wedding in minneapolis
guests eat pizza at Young Joni Wedding in minneapolis

planning a new years eve wedding?

Celebrations are even more amazing on New Years eve – photos are the way you remember how much fun you had!