Young Joni Wedding

Sierra and Katie’s wedding at Como Conservatory and Young Joni

Yesterday, someone asked me how many weddings I have photographed. It has been a while since I made a full count, but my back-of-the-napkin calculations put me around 450.

I’ve photographed over 450 celebrations. Dancing, laughing, tears, bowties, blisters, snow, sun, rain. 450 makes it seem like I’ve seen it all.

And yet.

And yet I can never step in the same stream twice. It is not the same stream, and I am not the same person.

It is the same for weddings- each celebration is a unique combination of human beings, and I am constantly changed by the endeavor.

So here I stand, 450 weddings on, sharing images from Sierra and Katie’s gorgeous wedding.

I documented it, and it changed me.

Suit: Mr Turk
Ceremony: Como Conservatory
Reception: Young Joni back bar

Planning a wedding at Young Joni or Como?

If you are looking at Como Conservatory for your Minneapolis wedding, or planning on celebrating at Young Joni, I’d love to connect with you about photography! These awesome spaces deserve to be documented with all the energy and excitement of your wedding!