A small Minneapolis City Hall Wedding with Dayna and John

Before I discuss Dayna and John’s Minneapolis City Hall Wedding, I can’t help but wax on about social distancing.

Its the best of times and the worst of times? I’ve been having a lot of broad feelings lately – grief, anxiety, hope, reverence, nostalgia (for, like 2 weeks ago but also for 80 years ago), perspective.

One one hand, so lucky to be in a time when this is the first pandemic that has truly effected me. Like, in the history of humanity I have been so extremely privileged.

But not knowing when I can get back to the work I love – the business I’ve been building for years is really taxing. I know it pales in comparison to the war zone medical workers are facing, of course I know that. But it is still a grief to be away from that work and that life I’ve built.

minneapolis city hall elopement couple under large stone arches Minneapolis City Hall Wedding
I love the architecture at Minneapolis City Hall – a perfect place for a small wedding

This I know – Minnesotans are planners and doers, humans are resilient, and we will have a lot to celebrate on the other side of this pandemic.

In the meantime, celebrating Dayna and John’s wedding from last year (this is what March weddings should look like in Minneapolis!)

A small wedding at Minneapolis City hall and portraits around the Guthrie theater.

Celebrate together. Virtual hugs for now.

ceremony inside minneapolis city hall rotunda with tilt shift lens Minneapolis City Hall Wedding
No wedding ceremony at City Hall is complete without the Father of Waters statue

[A note to future readers – I’ve written this in late March 2020. We are all on lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, it is something we barely even think about anymore, only in memes about the month we all spent watching Netflix. I hope it was a safe and uneventful time for all of you.]

Planning a small wedding?

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