The 5 things to know about finding a local wedding photographer

You know the craziest thing about planning a wedding? Always feeling like no one else has ever planned a wedding before!

You are totally not alone – even though your wedding should be uniquely about you and your partner, you don’t have to make every decision in a vacuum!

So, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, I have tips for finding a local wedding photographer in 5 steps.

Aster Cafe Wedding – Basit and Serena

The Aster Cafe river room is an incredible space for a Minneapolis wedding. Over the years I’ve photographed many weddings in their spaces, from winter elopements to huge summer celebrations. Basit and Serena’s wedding is a perfect showcase of what make the Aster Cafe such a lovely Minneapolis wedding venue.

Lutsen MN Wedding

In a season of staying apart, we found new ways to grow together. Kat and Bryan’s wedding at a vacation rental in Lutsen showcases the best reasons why we celebrate. We join together, we laugh together, we eat together, we mark the amazing passage of two people into a marriage.

And so for these two, a ceremony on the shores of Lake Superior.

A toast on the rocky coastline.

Dancing under the pines.

If Awards Matter, I’d like you know know about these

The goal is happy couples. The goal is documenting something beautiful for them. The blogging and the writing and the awards are just a path to get to that goal. Every time a couple chooses me to document their wedding, I feel a little tough of gratitude and wonder.

I’ve also been a Minneapolis wedding photographer long enough that I’ve received awards and acknowledgements for the depth and breadth of my work with clients and the service they receive.

I keep striving to be earn that trust.