6 tips for feeling comfortable in your engagement photos

Here is the thing about looking comfortable – it is much easier to do if you actually *feel* comfortable! That means that we all want the same thing – for you to be comfortable and actually have a good time. I’ve got 6 tips for feeling comfortable in your engagement photos.

The Real Wedding Photography Questions I Wish You Would Ask

So many of the “must ask questions for your wedding photographer” don’t really get to the heart of what you want to know. Here are the real wedding photography questions I wish you would ask (and the questions I often get asked instead!)

Favorite engagement photo locations around Minneapolis

There isn’t one right place for engagement photos, because there isn’t one right place that sums up what you are like as a couple. So this list isn’t meant to be comprehensive, because it never could be. It is meant to be a starting point as you consider what aspects of your couple-hood would be best served by backgrounds and greenery and buildings.

The 5 things to know about finding a local wedding photographer

You know the craziest thing about planning a wedding? Always feeling like no one else has ever planned a wedding before!

You are totally not alone – even though your wedding should be uniquely about you and your partner, you don’t have to make every decision in a vacuum!

So, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, I have tips for finding a local wedding photographer in 5 steps.

Wedding Photos With No Regrets: one tip for your photography budget

Over the years, I’ve noticed that most advice for selecting your wedding photographer focuses on finding your style – yet there are so few recommendations about how to plan your photography budget or talk about money! As though price isn’t going to be a huge factor for your decision!

Where to send your guests for food fun – Minneapolis and St Paul Dinning Guide

Minneapolis and St Paul (and the metro) have a huge range of cultures and food traditions to draw from, and as a metro area, we are really finding out own place in the food world. Here are some of my favorite fun food things for out-of-town visitors to know about as they navigate the Twin Cities metro. Where to send your guests for food fun Edwards Dessert Kitchen Only open in the evenings, this place is hopping on the weekends and serves plated desserts as well as some pre-made fare. Its a dessert restaurant, and the food is generally dialed…

Where to send your guests to dinner – Minneapolis and St Paul Dinning Guide

Ok, you have friends and family in from out of town, and they want recommendations on where to grab dinner. The Twin Cities area is killing it with amazing dinning options now, here are some of my recommendations for impressing your guests – from the uber urbane to those looking for a comfortable spot to catch up. Where to send your guests to dinner Meritage My favorite fine-dining restaurant in the Cities – and in a lovely part of St Paul. Get ready for superb service and excellent French-inspired fare. Their seafood is flown in fresh daily (its the only…

Where to send your guests to breakfast – Minneapolis and St Paul dinning guide

Have friends in from out-of-town for your wedding? Have family vising for the weekend? Need a new place to try out with your sweetie? I’ve got recommendations for you (and for them) so that we can all show off the Twin Cities right. Let’s eat well, get a feel for where we are, and not stress out about it. I’m starting with my breakfast guide because, when I visit new cities, I need to have a breakfast plan. My breakfast requirements include atmosphere that gives me a sense of place, food that is a little indulgent, a neighborhood to walk around…