Cinemagraphs – Peace Coffee in motion

Client: A series of cinemagraphs with Peace Coffee for Heavy Table.
Details: I had to find movements which could be cyclical – so as to combine them into one repeating loop on location at Peace Coffee roastery & Peace Coffee cafe. Below are a series of cinemagraphs (short loops of images) and a selection of the frames that they are made from.
Goals:  Create a series of images to combine into cinemagraphs. Depict elements of roasting and serving coffee and give visual access to parts of the process that are inaccessible to public.

peace coffee minneapolis food photographer
 This image shows the beans after they have been released from the roaster while they are turned to cool evenly. The problem with shooting this image was actually how mesmerizing the movement was – I actually had to shoot this process multiple times because I kept forgetting to take enough frames as I watched the wheel turn and turn and turn over the monochromatic contents.
peace coffee minneapolis food photographer
I learned a lot about coffee and short video production from this project. For this image, I wanted to capture the dripping of the espresso machine as a subtle movement. I shot about 45 frames, but narrowed it down to around 20 that flowed together in a pretty seamless drip. This is the final cinemagraph and the supporting frames from the piece.