Coldwater Spring Session Info

I’m excited to see you for your session at Coldwater Spring! Here is some information to ease you into the session and hopefully answer any questions you have!

Please plan to arrive at the park at least 10 minutes before your session – Coldwater Spring is adjacent to a dog park, so sometimes nearby parking can be a little crowded, but it turns over very quickly, so give yourself a little time to do a circle if you need to.

Coldwater Spring is part of the National Park System (its a tiny little pocket between Minnehaha Falls Park and Ft Snelling). It is located at the very end of Minnehaha Park Dr, past Minnehaha Falls Park and the dog park, the street eventually dead ends into Coldwater Spring across from the VA hospital.

2021 COVID INFO: I am fully vaccinated but we still will take common precautions. We will be outside the entire time. I will be wearing a mask and keeping a distance. I recommend that you bring a mask for paying for parking, walking through the park, etc. This park doesn’t have a huge amount of food traffic, and there is a lot of space, so keeping a 6 ft distance from other people shouldn’t be difficult.

If you have a fever, or feel sick for any reason, we can reschedule this session. There is no fee to reschedule, and the priority is keeping the community safe, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are feeling ill.

Coldwater Spring is located at 5601 Minnehaha Park Dr S, St Paul, MN 55111. There is metered parking along Minnehaha Park Dr.


The parking has a lot of turn over, so you should be able to find a space eventually.

I will meet you inside the park entrance – there are large gates at the very end of Minnehaha Park Dr – just continue walking in the direction the cars are parked and you will enter a gravel entrance to the park – I’ll wait for you there.

My cell is 612-242-7790 in case you need to reach me

The session will be 15 minutes from your start time. We will walk around the prairie and open woodlands to get different views, etc. This should be totally enjoyable and quick, so just come prepared to start right away!

Plan to arrive at the park at least 10 minutes before your session to account for parking and walking to the park.

If you plan to bring your dog for the session, know that you will definitely see other dogs at this park (it is adjacent to a great dog park by the creek that you can hit after the session!). If you are nervous about dogs, let me know and I will try to avoid dogs as much as possible.

Wear something that you feel great in! I recommend having layers by your neck or shoulders for a more styled look (a jacket, layered shirts, scarf, necklace, collar or interesting detailing make great details in close up shots)

Leave as much as possible in your car – you won’t need keys or your phone and it can be distracting to have them in your pockets.

Bring a mask!

Due to the uneven paths, make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable and stable. If you’d like to bring other shoes, that is no problem!

More tips for preparing for your shoot can be found here:

If the weather looks like rain is very likely, I’ll email you the day before to discuss options, which generally include rescheduling, cancelling, or finding alternate locations.