Images should be made tangible

Wedding album with Rose gold on Navy Linen

Things we can’t pass along to our children:

Our experiences and memories, the way we felt when we first told someone we loved them.

Also, we can’t pass along JPGS.

There are many intangibles that we hope to pass on to our children. But images should be made tangible. That is how they see the way their grandpa laughed, and the way their uncle danced. How young their parents were, how happy and loved.

So, I’m super thrilled to have this album for Mallory and Ian go out into the wild to share with their large loving families. Their nieces and nephews are already so much more grown up than when they were photographed, the relationships slowly evolving over time. But here, they are preserved for a day, made tangible in this linen album.

For specifics, this is a 10×10 album with a navy linen cover, embossed with rose gold foil. Like all albums I produce, this is a custom design with images that Mallory and Ian chose to showcase. The images are printed on photographic paper and mounted onto acid free archival matboard pages to stand the test of time. This flush mount album also lays flat when open.