Kelsey and Bob’s Machine Shop Wedding, Minneapolis

Hello! You might find this blog post because you know Kelsey and Bob, or because you are interested in the Machine Shop as a venue. Or you might be my mom (Hi, Mom).

I just want to say that it is a supreme pleasure to be chosen to document important days in people’s lives.

Like, its a really big deal.

I’m so thrilled to share these here. I’ve been documenting weddings for over 10 years, and each wedding continues to bring new challenges and new opportunities. Kelsey and Bob’s Machine shop wedding was something spectacular, and I hope they enjoy the images for all the amazing years ahead of them.


If you are not familiar with Machine Shop, you should know that it is amazing. It is a former (you guessed it) machine shop between dinkytown and northeast Minneapolis in a strip of some older industrial spaces. It was renovated and make amazing a few years ago, and it is now an absolutely showstopping space.

It is rare to have a real “whoa” moment as an adult. Like, you go so many amazing places, and then they are crowded with people (I’m looking at you, food halls!) or they just don’t have a stand-out moment.

Machine shop is not like that – it is a grand entrance of WHOA for guests. It is giant, and light, and a little bit like a working factory but so much prettier.

That moment sets the tone for your guests for the whole day.

I think all the random internet quotes probably boil down to this: if you start a day with awe, you will spend the day celebrating with an open heart.


For Kelsey and Bob’s wedding, their wedding planners (the MiMis!!) coordinated a series of pink and rose metal geometric sculptures to be hung over the space. (I’ll call them the rose prisms, because they were three dimensional objects and I care about specificity). They definitely added to the wow factor of the wedding, particularly during the ceremony.

In the evening as the daylight faded, Kelsey and Bob danced their first dance under the rose prisms in the dusky space.


Obviously, weddings are not only about the trappings and the pretty parts. Its about celebrating a commitment with your community of people. That said, there is something amazing that happens when your guests and family feel this special.

They celebrate harder, they laugh longer, they dance more wildly, and they remember it forever.

Ceremony and Reception: Machine Shop
Planner: mi mi design
Band: Patrick Lentz Band
Dress: Bella Bridal
Catering: Deco Catering
Rentals: Apres