Elisabeth + Brian’s Second Line Wedding with Mama Digdown’s Brass Band

Madison wedding at the Majestic Theater and Madison Central Library

Is there a better metaphor for a wedding day than a second line brass band? To walk, with all your guests, in shared celebration. On display for the world to see, but also asking that larger community to join in your joy, to celebrate with you as well as witness your wedding?

couple kiss outside of Madison Capitol building
This image was made possible with a tilt shift lens, gelled light (for color shifted sky), a perfect moment of connection, and the best capitol building in the USA. I said it, come at me, Texas!

All of which is to say, Elisabeth and Brian’s wedding was so much fun.

We don’t always think of a Second Line march outside of New Orleans (and they have it down to a science there!) but when you have access to an amazing band like Mama Digdowns, you can bring the celebration up north as well.

Elisabeth and Brian’s wedding was otherwise a sort of “Science Fiction” meets “Library Science”. A mix of intricate crafting and planning mixed with wild creative bursts. There were also a lot of sci-fi details that ranged from totally nerdy to absolutely hilarious, and were entirely awesome.

In particular, I will always think fondly on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Wedding program and the 20-sided dice that determined if they should kiss.

Ceremony: Madison Central Library
Reception: Majestic Theater
Second Line Brass Band: Mama Digdowns Brass Band
Catering: Underground Food Collective
Hotel: Madison Concourse Hotel

panorama of couple on interior steps of Madison Capitol building
This is a bokeh panorama – around 100 images, stitched together, for a depth of field that is unbelievably sharp – showing off Elisabeth and Brian on the steps of the capitol building, and showing off enough of the space to showcase them perfectly.
Madison wedding group walks behind brass band for second line
This is maybe my favorite photo from this wedding – Elisabeth and Brian, laughing, walking behind the brass band for their second line.
groom waits for bride at bottom of hotel staircase, Madison WI
The stairs of the Concourse hotel – perfectly framing Brian as Elisabeth enters
Marquee outside Majestic Theater in Madison, WI shows off wedding details
Night, the Majestic Theater, and the Madison Capitol.
becca dilley photography bio photo on stairs minneapolis

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