recommended Minneapolis Institute of Art wedding photography at night

Minneapolis Institute of Art Wedding Photographer

Devon and Collin's wedding at the Mia art museum balanced classic and modern


Getting married in an art museum brings a whole vibe with it – your guests can feel right away the weight of a wedding even as they join together as a community. 

I’ve taken photos in lots of museums and other venues (hello, caves!) and the Minneapolis Institute of Art has a wonderful mix of spaces to keep things totally engaging for guests. In particular, the outdoor courtyard feels like a walking into a garden party – a perfect way to welcome guests to the wedding.


At dinner, guests sat next to sculptures and paintings as they chatted. I love to incorporate the statues into the photos of dancing and toasting (how best to incorporate the nude statue of Doryphoros in the middle of the reception? I had some ideas)

Devon and Collin also wrote me a review. What they had to say literally makes me laugh and cry at the same time. After 10 years of being a wedding photographer, it is so humbling to hear from a couple who really sees what I am all about. I am so grateful that they found me as their photographer – I feel very lucky to have documented their wedding. 

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably in the midst of planning your wedding. You probably have 10 other tabs open to other photographers’ websites as you try to decide who you want to capture this special day. CLOSE THOSE OTHER TABS. Becca is the photographer you want, without a doubt. The photos she took for my wedding were beautiful and with impeccable timing. She’s so easy and great to work with – clear, fun, communicative, professional but friendly. Book her and rest assured that wedding photos are one thing you will not have to worry about.
– Collin and Devon


Devon and Collin’s wedding at the Minneapolis Institute of Art was extraordinary. They were able to plan their ceremony outside (thank you, Minnesota summer- you can be a fickle mistress). We also used the main entrance stairs and architecture as a backdrop for more formal photos during cocktail hour.

The rest of the reception was inside – guests could enjoy the artwork, sit among the statues, and dance under the atrium. 

I will also say this about Devon and Collin’s wedding – so many of their guests are in martial arts (like, really into martial arts). I wasn’t surprised that the dancing was amazing, but it also meant that the ceremony included influences from many cultures and I got to have some very interesting conversations about breaking legs. Also, more than most weddings, I did not want to pick a fight.