minneapolis photography business mentoring

Everyone comes to a point with their creative career when they feel a little stuck – how do you get to the next level artistically or professionally? How do you find more clients, or keep your business engaging?

Photography, particularly photographing weddings, is a multi-headed beast. You have to take great photos, you have to work with people, find your clients, manage your website, edit your photos. And every wedding you shoot, you have to do an even better job at all of those tasks. I’ve been a full time wedding photographer since 2006. I am good at running a wedding photography business, but I am also good at sharing what I have learned. And so if you want to talk about getting unstuck, I would love to spend the time with you to make that happen with my Minneapolis photography business mentoring sessions.

I offer three types of mentoring/workshop sessions for photographers. The Snapshot session is quick and designed to focus on your online presence and immediate goals. The OCF session will introduce you to the basics of off camera lighting- what gear you need, how to use it, and how to integrate it into your shooting. The Full Day Session is designed to connect you with your target client and build your skills to reach them.

Included in any session is a lot of email conversations, email follow ups, and hopefully the beginning of a friendship.

minneapolis photography business mentoring and workshops quick session

Snapshot Session: $180 / 90 minutes

Owners of creative small businesses can find it challenging to find ideas that work on smaller scale, so I started offering “Snapshot Sessions.” These are designed to help unpack some of the questions that I had to answer the hard way.

A Snapshot Session is perfect for you if you have reached a point in your photography where you’re wrestling with questions such as: “What makes my business unique” “How can I attract new clients?” “How do I get to the next level?” “How to I meet other vendors?” “How do I grow my business?”

We’ll meet for 90 minutes to discuss aspects of your business that you need feedback on – we’ll start with a review of your website and discuss the basics of your business. This can branch into ideas for getting new clients, for networking, for developing your portfolio, or learning new technical skills. This as a super-charged coffee meeting designed to focus on your photo business questions.

We can follow up with email discussions about how you are implementing the ideas we discussed, and I’ll take a look at changes you make to your website or business branding.

Come in with questions, leave with a critique of your online presence and tangible ideas for next steps.

off camera lighting minneapolis photography business mentoring and workshops OCF (Off Camera Flash) Session: $250 / 2 hours

If you live in California, you might not ever need to use a flash, but to run a long standing business in the North, eventually you will have to make a decision: do you embrace the use of artificial light, or do you only take jobs that don’t require it.

If you are starting to see where flash would fit into your sessions or how it could enhance your client offerings, I’d be happy to help you get started. From what gear you need to setting up off camera flash or using other off camera lighting on the fly, this will get you started on bringing more lighting into your bag of tools. We will discuss over email what questions you have, then set up a on location shoot to practice off camera lighting techniques.

Come with questions about how to use artificial light, leave with understanding and experience using it

minneapolis photographer business mentoring and workshops full dayFull Day Session: $800

A full-day mentor session starts with a long conversation about your goals, your business, and your clients. We will spend a lot of time tackling the big question: Who is your target client? Why do they value photography? Where do they like to shop? How do they feel about Game of Thrones?

We will next examine the ways your clients interact with your business – a website critique and look through your social media and online presence.

we will have lunch, and then we will have a shooting session to focus on a specific technical aspect you want to develop – client interaction, post processing, on-location lighting, whatever you are looking to focus on.

By the end of the day, you will have the tools to identify (with specificity) who your target client is, have a road map for attracting that client, and have some great additions to your portfolio. We will have also spent the WHOLE day together, so you might also leave with a drink and a new friend.