SEO Mentoring for Photographers

SEO Mentoring for Photographers who never want to hear the term SEO again.

Everyone starts to feel stuck – how do you get to the next level artistically or professionally? How do you find more clients, or keep your business engaging?

Photography, particularly photographing weddings, is a multi-headed beast. You have to take great photos, you have to work with people, find your clients, manage your website, edit your photos. And every wedding you shoot, you have to do an even better job at all of those tasks.

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But with content mentoring help, we can combine so many of those things into one umbrella – what are your clients looking for, and how can you best show up in their searches for it?

So, yes, I offer SEO mentoring for photographers, but more than that:

I am a Content Mentor – looking at your best marketing tool (your website) and making sure that you are building it with intention to get clients that connect with you via search.

Is that like SEO?
There is a world of SEO that is majorly technical and gets to really granular details about metrics and tracking. Most of that is a bad fit for small locally focused businesses.

So you help people write better?
There is a world of online writing that focuses on finding your voice and showcasing that. That is only one tool in your website presentation, it isn’t enough on its own.

The sweet spot is where those two things overlap – creating content that your clients want to find, and making sure they can find it. 

Listen to me at the Photo Business Help podcast for a taste of what Content Mentoring with me feels like!

We start with a 60 minute video mentoring session where we look at your actual site and figure out how to make it better.

– First, we’ll address any technical issues you might be having
– We’ll dive into what your site is ranking for, what searches you want to show up for, and how to determine those things!
– We’ll take a page/post or two from your site and make it perform better in search to connect you with your clients.

This is like a reset for your content – how to get better results from the information you have, how to write content for your future results.

Starting at $345 for a one time session, or 3 month intensive to start tracking your results and see tangible changes to your search!

Becca Dilley has not paid for advertising in 6 years. All of her business comes from word of mouth and search. She is routinely ranked on the top page of Google for target keywords in her area. She has been listed as a top wedding photographer on many sites (three best rated, peerspace, expertise, wedding rule) largely based on web performance and search results. She has helped photographers all over the country with improving their business through better content and has a background in HTML, CSS, PHP.

Her first business website was hardcoded in HTML.

Other options for Business Mentoring and Content Mentoring

Snapshot Business Session $345

Owners of creative small businesses can find it challenging to find ideas that work on smaller scale: a Snapshot Session is perfect for those who have reached a point where they are wrestling with questions such as: “What makes my business unique” “How can I attract new clients?” “How do I get to the next level?” “How to I meet other vendors?” “How do I grow my business?”
Includes 60 minute video meeting focused on the basics of your business. This can branch into ideas for getting new clients, for networking, for developing your portfolio, or learning new technical skills. Come in with questions, leave with a critique of your online presence and tangible ideas for next steps.

Off Camera Lighting mentoring $525

If you live in California, you might not ever need to use other lighting. But to run a sustainable business in the North, eventually you will have to make a decision: do you embrace the use of artificial light, or do you turn down jobs in challenging spaces.
If you are starting to see where lighting would fit into your sessions or how it could enhance your client offerings, I’d be happy to help you get started. From what gear you need to setting up off camera flash or using other off camera lighting on the fly, this will get you started on bringing more lighting into your bag of tools. We will discuss over email what questions you have, then set up a on location shoot to practice off camera lighting techniques. Come with questions about how to use artificial light, leave with understanding and experience using it

SEO mentoring for photographers, website tune-up $345

SEO mentoring for photographers! This hour long video chat includes setting SEO goals, website critique, some SEO benchmarking, and a mix of tool and plug in recommendations mixed with content mentoring. Its like a mini version of my signature 90 day program.

As search practices change, I’ve has continued to rank on the first page of Minneapolis wedding photographers over years, which brings in clients and interest.

My approach to SEO is rooted in technical knowledge but is geared towards finding a balance in creating meaningful content and integrating good SEO practices into your website workflow so that it benefits your clients and your business.