Minneapolis warehouse snowstorm wedding – Hilary and Collin

We weren’t planning on a snowstorm wedding.

By the time the first 2 feet of snow fell, and it was pretty clear that this was the kind of sticky, huge, epic snowfall that cancels flights and derails the best laid plans. 

I often tell people that I’m pretty much prepared for anything a wedding day can throw at me.

But I don’t often have to prove it. 

So, when I saw the snowstorm predicted for Hilary and Collin’s April wedding, I thought “no big deal – maybe it will even snow enough to have some in the photos!” and when the storm seemed bigger I thought “Oh, we can pop out before it melts”. Eventually, it was clear I’d be throwing a shovel into my trunk and planning for adventure.

When you are snowed into a reception you have no excuse not to celebrate fully. And when the wind howls past your wedding church, you can delight in the kind of snowy adventure that is awarded to very few. 

This is the kind of opportunity that doesn’t come around very often, and we made the photography a reflection of the day and their super, adventurous, extraordinary love story. 

Ceremony: St Charles Borromeo
Receptions: Solar Arts

Catering: Chowgirls