Minnehaha Falls Session Details

Plan to arrive at the park at least 10 minutes before your session to account for parking and stairs

2021 COVID INFO:  I’m fully vaccinated. We will be outside the entire time. I generally also wear a mask for your comfort. I recommend that you bring a mask in case you want to walk through the building (for the restroom) or for more crowded areas (perhaps the stairs). For the most part there can be a steady stream of people, but it has been easy to maintain a 6 ft distance. You are free to wear a mask or not as you see fit!

If you have a fever, or feel sick for any reason, we can reschedule this session. There is no fee to reschedule, and the priority is keeping the community safe, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are feeling ill.

There has been some construction along Minnehaha Avenue. Currently, it seems that you can drive unobstructed but that sometimes changes. Minnehaha Falls Park is at the corner of Minnehaha Ave and 46th Godfrey Parkway in Minneapolis. There is a large pay parking lot directly off Godfrey Parkway.

The parking lot is often busy, but tends to have a lot of turn over in the evenings, so generally you will be able to find a space eventually.

There is free street parking in the residential areas around 45th ave South and off of Minnehaha Ave before 46th street.

Because we are taking all photos on the paved paths down by the bottom of the falls area, I will meet you at the bottom of the stairs. The staircase is pretty long, so if you think it is too much for you, let me know and we can do the session on the street level.

From the parking lot, go towards and around the big beige building that houses Se Salt Eatery. Follow the low stone wall to your left until you see the entrance for the stone staircase. I will meet you at the bottom of the staircase.

The address of the pavilion is 4825 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417

My cell is 612-242-7790 in case you need to reach me

The session will be 15 minutes from your start time. We will walk around the lower level of Minnehaha Falls to get some different views, etc. This should be totally enjoyable and quick, so just come prepared to start right away!

Plan to arrive at the park at least 10 minutes before your session to account for parking and walking down the staircase.

Wear something that you feel great in. This area can handle a lot of drama, so you can go as fancy as you’d like! Also, think about having layers by your neck or shoulders for a more styled look (a jacket, layered shirts, scarf, necklace, collar or interesting detailing make great details in close up shots)

Leave as much as possible in your car – you won’t need keys or your phone and it can be distracting to have them in your pockets.

Bring a mask if you’d like to stop at Sea Salt restaurant or the bathrooms!

Due to the staircase, make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable and stable. If you’d like to bring other shoes, that is no problem!

More tips for preparing for your shoot can be found here: https://beccadilley.com/what-to-wear-for-your-portrait-session/