Minneapolis Engagement Photos in winter – Olivia and Gaurav and braving the cold

Minnesota roots run deep. Even for midwestern expats, planning your wedding back here makes a lot of sense What is it like to plan your Minneapolis wedding from another state? If that state is generally warmer (Hello, greater DC area!) then it means you may find that you need to break out the scarves and hats for your November engagement photos in Minneapolis. So Olivia and Gaurav celebrated their Minneapolis wedding in the perfect way – with winter engagement photos.

Stylish downtown Minneapolis Engagement – Jill and Patrick

When I first moved to Minneapolis (after living in Boston for several years), I remember a radio piece about honking your horn while driving. The test was to see how quickly people in various US cities would honk their car horns at a car that didn’t move when the light turned green. In Boston, honking started basically as soon as the light turned green. In Minneapolis, the average time was over a minute. And that seems about right. The midwest has an earnestness that sometimes seems like naivete, and I’m always curious to see how the Minneapolis vibe translates to others. Generally, I’d like to…

Minneapolis Destination Engagement photos Caryn + Sean

Caryn and Sean are planning their wedding from out of state, so when they flew in for their engagement session, we were able to focus on a very Minneapolis based session. If you are doing destination engagement photos, I think it is vital to combine the obvious with the subtle. So, Greetings from Minneapolis mural is a yes, a touch of historical vibe with Mill City, and onto what we do best in the Midwest – drinking beer (thanks, Fulton, for having some great session-able beers so I could drive home afterwards).