Lumber Exchange Wedding Minneapolis

Thrilled to share Michelle and Paul’s Lumber Exchange wedding in Minneapolis. For me, its all about the joyful moments. Those ones that couples create together, the ones guests share in celebration, the ones that we carry with us for more difficult times.

Lumber Exchange wedding in Minneapolis

Planning a Lumber Exchange wedding? See how this couple used the historic space for their modern love story: elegance meets history in Minneapolis.

Lumber Exchange Wedding – Cara and Nate

Cara and Nate’s Lumber Exchange wedding – lovely, joyous, warm, delightful. Many Canadian accents mixed with raucous Iowan ones. Manitoba doesn’t have an official motto, (I’m sure, being too stoic to have to crow about itself) But I stumbled upon the motto for British Columbia – “splendor without diminishment.” Seems like a fitting summary for such a splendid couple. In the spring Cara and Nate went through their favorite parks for engagement photos. It was only the start of bringing their shared life into their wedding and photos – Cara and Nate share so many amazing things together – families…