Favorite engagement photo locations around Minneapolis

There isn’t one right place for engagement photos, because there isn’t one right place that sums up what you are like as a couple. So this list isn’t meant to be comprehensive, because it never could be. It is meant to be a starting point as you consider what aspects of your couple-hood would be best served by backgrounds and greenery and buildings.

Northeast Minneapolis engagement at Able brew – Julia and Dan

What is the point of engagement photos? It’s a question worth considering. These are photos from Julia and Dan’s engagement – places they love, with their dog, being themselves. And to me, that is it. That’s the start and end of why. Because to be yourselves is worth documenting and celebrating. Location: Able Seedhouse

Minneapolis engagement photographer – Tori and Matt

Before their engagement photos, Tori warned me that she didn’t have any photos of Matt smiling. Minneapolis Engagement Photographer: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Guthrie Theater Engagement Minneapolis

Lettie contacted me several months ago about capturing images of her and her husband in a dramatic style. Having family in China and Korea, they wanted to have a touch of the super-produced grandeur of wedding portraits that are the standard there, but incorporating their home of Minneapolis and their quirky spirit googletest googletest googletest. In looking for spaces, we decided on the Guthrie Theater – many of its spaces are open to the public for photography (as long as we remain respectful of the space), and it combines color, textures, and space in a way that is totally unique and quite…

Dusk at the Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis engagement Bria and Alex

Bria and Alex met in Minneapolis, getting married in St Louis, and having such a good time along the way. I’m thrilled to travel to St Louis for their wedding, not only because I’ve had the best BBQ ribs of my life there, but because I know that they will celebrate with a lot of style, personality, and joy, and that is just a pleasure to be around. So, thanks for spending some time with me around the Stone Arch Bridge, for putting up with the blazing setting sun and the tourists, and my asking all the questions I can…

Sculpture Garden engagement photos – Caity + Adam

Here is the deal with engagement sessions – Sure, they can be a nice way to get used to being photographed. Many photographers insist on doing an engagement session for exactly this reason. And, while I always enjoy spending an evening with my clients, I just don’t think that taking engagement photos are necessary to having great wedding images. Engagement photos should not be about the photography experience, they should be about you as a couple. When you have wedding photos, they will always represent a very specific day in your life – the day you got married. You will probably…

Minneapolis Winter engagement photos on ice – Bethany + Stamatis

When your friends and family are in Seattle and New Jersey, they might consider the winters in Minneapolis a deal breaker. Those of us who live here realize it is an asset – just cold enough to keep away the masses, just long enough to build a season around, and the perfect excuse for knit mittens and fur lined coats. Bethany + Stamatis have certainly embraced the winter here, so it was the perfect season to for their engagement photos – a little frozen tundra, a little Scandinavian knits, and a lot of fun. Of course, we did have to reschedule at least once due to the…

Loring Park engagement photos – Allison and Jason

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. -Confucius Allison and Jason have great stories about traveling together (and I bombarded them with questions about their upcoming trip to India) including traveling all over the world several times. But they also have a lot of stories of less adventurous amazement – their favorite places for coffee (and who prefers which mug),  and enjoying their many years of togetherness. And so, I loved this quote for them, because they already go with all their hearts, together.