Lumber Exchange wedding in Minneapolis

Planning a Lumber Exchange wedding? See how this couple used the historic space for their modern love story: elegance meets history in Minneapolis.

Esker Grove Wedding (at the Walker)

The Walker and Esker Grove are stunning spaces for celebrations – modern and ready to be filled with the colorful, messy exuberance of a wedding.

Greek Minneapolis Wedding at St Marys Orthodox Church and Varsity Theater

Greek Minneapolis Wedding and 10 years of hustle I’ve been shooting weddings full time for over 10 years. That sometimes feels a little nuts to say out loud. There were many years at the beginning when I felt like I had to scramble and hustle for every piece of new information as I became a better and better wedding photographer. At some point, you realize that the skills you have are good enough for most weddings – you can light things, you can manage timelines, and you can anticipate key events to document. But good enough is death for creativity.…