Tips for great family photos at your wedding – Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Tips for great family photos at your wedding. I’m from a giant family, so let me let you in on a secret:

Great family photos don’t happen without planning.

I take immense effort at each wedding I photograph to make sure that the family groupings are beautiful, happy, and efficient.

4 tips for taking portraits with the Pixelstick

Night photography. Many people avoid it at all costs – how to make it look natural, how to make it seem integrated into day time images. I personally love taking photos at night – getting the ambient city lights involved, seeing spaces in new ways, and crafting light to best suit the subjects. You expect so little from a dark space, and yet there is so much there to tease out. I recently received my pixelstick (LED light wand) and have been toying with using it for portraits and weddings. The need for several assistants, almost total night, and someone¬†with…