St Paul Raspberry Island Engagement Photos

On photographing you as a couple and Raspberry Island Engagement Photos Engagement photos have been on my mind. Probably because as summer approaches, weddings and marriage occupy more of my thoughts in general. As I gear up for more photo sessions with couples and families, I’ve been thinking about how distinct engagement images are from wedding photos. Wedding photos will always be about a specific day, when you were dressed and coiffed and primped just so; when you were surrounded by everyone you care about and you celebrated in joyous emotion. Engagement photos are about all the other days you…

St Paul High Bridge and Rice Park engagement – Meg and Peter

To walk through Rice park on a beautiful evening is pleasant. To do so with someone you love is perfect. And so we walked around the best of St Paul in late summer – the JJ Hill Library, then over to the High Bridge for a night-scape with the skyline. Because to find the right city, at the right time, and to love it, comes only a close second to finding the right person to share it with. Thanks, Meg and Peter, I can’t wait for your wedding when it warms up again.