Earl & Wilson St Paul wedding

A classic vibe for this wedding in St Paul’s Earl and Wilson event venue.

We started with a first look inside the raw brick space of the Earl and Wilson event center, then made good use of downtown St Paul by taking photos on Raspberry Island. The skyline of St Paul has probably been a perfect backdrop for weddings as long as there has been photography. Timeless, beautiful, steady – just like Jess and Jake.

St Paul College Club Wedding – Brittany and Stacy

Brittany and Stacy’s St Paul College Club wedding was one of the last weddings I photographed before COVID-19 changed events and the world. I really appreciate their review of me on Yelp: Becca is, simply put, amazing. We had her do our engagement and wedding photos. She is funny, a total photography pro, and now we want her to take all of our photos. Not to mention we keep trying to think of ways to invite her into our friend group. By the end of the wedding we had friends asking for her info and complimenting her left and right.…

Why weddings are forever changed: Julia and Dan’s intimate restaurant wedding

As we think about what weddings will look like “on the other side” of this pandemic, I’m excited to think about what we will take with us as a culture from this time of difficulty and clarity.

Are weddings forever changed?

. . . and no!

In the realm of things I failed to blog before the pandemic, Julia and Dan’s intimate restaurant wedding has been at the top of my list.

Como Conservatory Wedding – Katie and Jason’s small wedding in St Paul

Katie and Jason were ahead of the curve – intimate wedding at Como Conservatory (in the sunken garden – the best smelling wedding venue in the world) and a reception at a restaurant in Cathedral Hill.

St Paul College Club Wedding MN – Nicole and Tim

This St Paul College Club Wedding is exactly what the mansions on Summit Avenue were built for – Celebrating in the ballroom, dinning in the salons.

James J Hill Library Wedding Photography

Couples planning their wedding at the James J Hill Library in St Paul often ask me how their photos will look in such a dark space. Your photos can definitely look as awesome and majestic as the building, but it does require some planning and the right photographer. When you were looking at venues, the JJ Hill Library probably stood out as soon as you walked into it: even among all the other buildings of old St Paul, the library feels like stepping into the past. That same feeling makes this space a total pleasure to photograph, but it’s dark open spaces require a…

Wabasha Street Caves Wedding, St Paul MN – Ava and Alex

If the sandstone caves along the bluffs of the Mississippi river could share stories, we could get a full glimpse of our history – carved by water and time, home to breweries, then prohibition smuggling, occasionally cheese or mushrooms or storage.

Would those caves imagine dancing and weddings?

St Paul Cathedral and St Paul History Center Wedding – Greta and Mike

Classic is a good starting point to describe Greta and Mike’s wedding at the St Paul Cathedral and History Center. They chose spaces that show off the gorgeous history of old Saint Paul from giant stone architecture to views of the Mississippi. The Cathedral of course is a gorgeous and imposing building to spend time in, and an incredibly meaningful space for a wedding when your family are members and connected to it. Greta’s brother served as attendant for the mass. It was such a pleasure to document their wedding and the start of a new adventure for the two…