Wedding Photos With No Regrets: one tip for your photography budget

Over the years, I’ve noticed that most advice for selecting your wedding photographer focuses on finding your style – yet there are so few recommendations about how to plan your photography budget or talk about money! As though price isn’t going to be a huge factor for your decision!

Same Location Better Photos – Stone Arch Bridge as the Eiffel Tower of Minneapolis

Taking photos at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis is one of my favorite things. I love the place, I love the energy, I love the skyline (thanks, Minneapolis!) and the roar of the Mississippi.

When I chat with other local photographers, we discuss equipment and styles, taxes and networking, troubleshooting customer service ideas or marketing tactics. Invariably, the talk turns to locations, and someone mentions that they are tired of photographing at the Stone Arch Bridge.

And I make a shocked face.

Every. Single. Time.

Wedding photography hacks – should we do a first look?

Wedding Photography Hack: Should we do a first look? Hey – If you already know you want to see each other before the wedding (or if you know you definitely don’t), then you can totally stop reading this article. But if you, like so many couples planning a wedding, are just not sure, I’ve got some ideas. Most couples I work with choose to have a “first look” or a formal time that they see each other before the ceremony and I often document this as the start of formal photos. But many couples choose to see each other for the…