Under Construction home engagement photos

Home Engagement Photos in an Unfinished St Paul Kitchen

We all welcome chaos into our lives in various ways – we try new jobs, or make last minute vacation plans. We cook without a recipe, and run in the winter. I salute Nicole and Tim, for making a plan for chaos – for knowing that this part of their lives together will have setbacks and moments in total limbo.

In just a few short weeks Nicole and Tim will get married. Hopefully, by that time, their wedding planning will be over, the weather will lose its icy chill, and their kitchen renovation will be complete. To renovate a kitchen in the midst of wedding planning is equal parts foolish and brilliant – you can displace a lot of chaos and disruption onto the construction project. Tim seems to embrace the challenge of creating a new kitchen, of insulating and planning and installing. And Nicole has accepted the chaos, the engineering and the architecture, as part of her life.

But these chaotic times will pass, those setbacks will be overcome. The vintage oven will move out of the dinning room and back into the kitchen. The holes will be boarded up. And they will have a new beautiful kitchen to cook in together.

For their home engagement photos, Nicole wanted to capture a little of the chaos, mixed with a little cozy elegance. Nicole set up a formal dinning table with candles and wing back chairs to compliment the unfinished walls, we played around in their kitchen and backyard, and no one fell through the floors, not even the dog.

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