Washington Pavilion Wedding in Sioux Falls

Emily and Dmitry’s modern Washington Pavilion wedding in Sioux Falls was joyous and unexpected. The mix of a Space Race theme with a modern international love story is the type of magic that Rocket Science Events creates.

This was such an amazing way to celebrate these two people. I love bold colors, I love quirky approaches and mashups, I love dramatic lighting and stages and dancing.

couple kiss on stage with blue skies backdrop washington pavilion wedding sioux falls
Blue skies slowly turned to sunset and evening behind Em and Dmitry over the course of their reception

But the thing that really matters in a wedding is the people, and these two people are awesome. They have surrounded themselves with other awesome people, family that travels continents to celebrate with them, friends who go all out.

flash composite portrait of wedding party in balcony seating of washington pavilion wedding sioux falls
This flash composite image stiches several photos together for the perfect lighting combo on each person. Because when you get married in a performance space, dramatic lighting is required.

Witnessing and documenting this wedding was a true pleasure. Picking favorite images is difficult because the joy was endless and the details were impeccable (thanks to Rocket Science Events – the perfect blend of gorgeous and wacky to suit this couple)

black and white photo of couple under trees washington pavilion wedding sioux falls
I love quiet moments in black and white.

Venue: Washington Pavilion Sioux Falls
Planner: Rocket Science Events

couple welcome guests on stage washington pavilion wedding sioux falls
Em and Dmitry welcome their guests to Their Washington Pavilion wedding in Sioux Falls, SD
dramatic lighting for couple in balcony of washington pavilion wedding sioux falls
Complicated lighting is my jam – setting off these two but keeping it subtle enough for this dramatic space in the Washington Pavilion.