Wedding fashion shoot in Wisconsin Cranberry Bog {something different}

I am so very excited about these photos! Growing up, my mom always bought a freezer full of fresh cranberries in the fall to eat all year round. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized how unique that was, but now it is as much a part of my childhood as fresh baked bread or the occasional microwaved dinner – fresh cranberries are like home. And it wasn’t until I moved back to the Midwest that I realized that Wisconsin makes the majority of all cranberries in the US. Do you hear that Massachussets?  Of course, the Cranberry marshes of  Wisconsin are not as large as the Cranberry bogs of the East Coast, but they are certainly as photogenic!

Fellow wedding photographer Sarah McGee and I traveled to Central Wisconsin and the Wetherby Cranberry Company to take some photos in the very chilly waters at harvest time.  Because harvest happens in a relatively short period of time, we couldn’t know our timing until a week before, but we managed to get an amazing (if slightly ominous) harvest day. Despite the very cold day, and the even colder water, Manja did an amazing job as we floated her in a dress surrounded by cranberries.