What you look like, and what you are like to work with – Editorial Headshots

You know what it’s time for?

editorial headshots and personal brand photography

Updated headshots.

One thing I have learned from working with magazines and advertisers to document food and people is this: people like to have stories about businesses where they spend their money.

It doesn’t matter if you are a cheesemaker, a musician, or a financial adviser (or a photographer!) – people want to have a story that they can relate to when they do business.

editorial headshots and personal brand photography

Portraits should feel candid and alive, showcasing not only what you look like, but what you are like to work with.

I know, social media is a BEAR to work with – and I’m lucky enough to generate photography constantly and love talking about it. If you are not a photographer, getting high quality Personal Brand Photography can be a real headache.

You might want to consider a Personal Brand Photography session – showcasing a combination of editorial headshots, lifestyle imagery, and candid environmental images so that you have the next quarter of photos taken care of (yeah, 3 months’ worth!)

I also offer express headshots and lots in between – I’d love to work with you and your business, so let me know what you are looking for!