Nicollet Pavilion Weddings

Couples planning a Nicollet Pavilion wedding often ask what locations I recommend for photos. Unlike many venues, there are almost no poor locations but you do need to know how to make great use of the space!

Nicollet Pavilion Wedding Minneapolis – Becca and Jesse

Becca and Jesse’s Nicollet Pavilion Wedding couldn’t have done a better job of showing off the best of Minneapolis to all their guests. Yes, their love is infectious – they were playful and joyous and in the moment the entire day. The fall sun streaming through the trees during their ceremony contrasted perfectly with the…

Minneapolis Basilica and Nicollet Pavilion Wedding – Franny and Ty

Franny and Ty were married a year ago – what has delayed this blog post of their Basilica and Nicollet Island Pavilion wedding? I suppose to a certain extent I just like to hold onto weddings – knowing I can revisit them and write about them later. But just like a firefly caught in the…

Nicollet Island Pavilion Wedding – Elise and Nate

Oh, my. Where to start with Elise and Nate and their Nicollet Island Pavilion Wedding? I guess I can start with the rain. Because it definitely rained. Mostly misty but followed by a slightly unwelcome drizzle. And it was gorgeous – not only the excellent tuxes and the dresses, but the throaty laughter and the bright…

Nicollet Island Pavilion Wedding Minneapolis

Its the 20th anniversary of the film Fargo. It is a film that I appreciate much more now that I live in Minneapolis than I did when it first came out. Partially because references to places like Chaska and Edina bring more meaning. But mostly because there are layers upon layers of meaning, and I am at a point where a different layer resonates with me. Eventually, if you decide to live in the Midwest, you have to think about the epic question of adulthood – is there a difference between settling and choosing? Is there a way to choose to live a lovely and meaningful life, enjoy all the beautiful days, and have that be different from settling?