Best Spots for photos in Stillwater MN

Living in Minneapolis means I’m always in striking distance of the lovely St Croix river, and that makes Stillwater a terrific space for engagement portraits and weddings!

If you are thinking about incorporating the city of Stillwater into your wedding and portraits, there are some obvious spaces (hello, Historic Lift Bridge!) and also unexpected ways to incorporate this area into your photos, and some great bites to grab along the way. Here are a few favorite spots for photos in Stillwater.

Lutsen MN Wedding

In a season of staying apart, we found new ways to grow together. Kat and Bryan’s wedding at a vacation rental in Lutsen showcases the best reasons why we celebrate. We join together, we laugh together, we eat together, we mark the amazing passage of two people into a marriage.

And so for these two, a ceremony on the shores of Lake Superior.

A toast on the rocky coastline.

Dancing under the pines.

MN Camp Wedding – Haley and Andy

A MN Camp Wedding to kick off a year of gratitude What do I say about a wedding that happened in the before times? Before the shut downs, and the emergence of smaller weddings, and a focus on flexibility in events? About all I have to say is thank you. I feel extreme gratitude for all the learning and growth and survival of this past year, and also grateful for so many amazing celebrations that buoyed me through. We can continue to celebrate like this – in the woods, on the lake, with laughter and fire and water, This celebration…

Hilltop Spring Green Wedding

Are you planning a wedding in Western Wisconsin’s driftless area, The Hilltop venue, Spring Green, Dodgeville, or a Taliesin inspired venue? I would love to talk with you more about your photography! I’m from Madison, I live in Minneapolis, I travel all over the Midwest, and I love the unique landscapes of this area.

Round barn Farm MN Wedding – Amy and Tim

I’ve been longing for the sensations of this wedding at Round Barn on Minnesota summer day – the smell of warm earth and pine, a breeze the rustles leaves and hair and fancy dresses. Long long days that melt into dusk and still feel limitless. Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you. Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it — every, every minute? Thornton Wilder, Our Town That’s what I’ve been thinking about as I finally blog Amy and Tim’s amazing wedding at Round Barn. Yes, I think I knew at the time…

MN Camp wedding at Voyageur Environmental Center

A wedding at Voyageur Environmental center is inspiration for camp weddings in Minnesota, complete with a short canoe ride after the ceremony!

Silverwood Park Wedding – Emily and Chris

Couples planning Silverwood Park Wedding know what an amazing space it is for a celebration – wild nature right by the twin cities.

A destination wedding by Acadia National Park in Maine – Robbin and Andy

A marriage of scotch whisky and blueberry soup.