Chelsea and Logan’s Minneapolis wedding at Khaluna and Hewing Hotel

This small but mighty wedding started at the Hewing, headed to City Hall for a wedding, then celebrated at Khaluna for a tour of the best of Minneapolis.

But first, an existential digression:

Anyone else get all existential in the past few years? Like, how do all these systems around us work, and what is our role in them? Humanity is complicated and often ugly, so where do we find the value, and the meaning, and the beauty in all this muck?

That’s where I’ve been spending some intellectual time with myself in these past few years of pandemic and civil unrest and unknowns.

Ultimately, does what I do matter?

Which brings be back to a different question: why do weddings matter?

The most hopeful answer I find is this:

Weddings matter because they are our full-throated scream at the chaotic ugly void of unknown. Weddings are a day that we choose to say “here I plant a flag of hope“. And we mark it with beauty, and dancing, and laughter. We choose to share joy together, which compounds our joy. And we stash that away with us to draw from whenever we find ourselves without it.

Is that is a lot to put onto this wedding blog post?

Yes. But I put it on every blog post. And I think it can handle this weight with extra joy to spare.

So, if you find yourself looking at pretty wedding photos and spending time planning your celebration, I am glad. I’ve discovered that is part of the joy of my life.

Now, for Chelsea and Logan and their Minneapolis wedding at Khaluna restaurant and Hewing Hotel!

I’m blown away even at a glance. Can’t wait to dig in and find our favorites!!! you are the best of the best!

Couple kisses outside of Khaluna restaurant in Minneapolis at sunset after wedding reception

Hotel: Hewing Hotel
Ceremony: Hennepin County Courthouse
Minneapolis wedding at Khaluna Restaurant: Khaluna Restaurant

Planning a small wedding?

I’d love to talk with you about documenting your small wedding and the celebration you are planning!