Give your portraits a stylish update at Minnehaha Falls

I offer SHORT portrait sessions at Minnehaha Falls every Thursday evening when the weather is nice. Your time is precious, but so are portraits. The SHORT portrait sessions are designed give your portraits a stylish update without dragging down your schedule.

One of the best trends in portrait photography has been the rise of the budget photographer. Why?

Because it has meant that professional photographers have had to up their game – getting usable images used to be good enough, and now my iphone has a better camera on it than my first professional SLR.

It means that everybody’s headshots, and lifestyle portraits, and editorial images have become much better and we expect to see a lot of life and creativity when we scroll through profile portraits.

Standing out now requires a mix of technique and craft and technology. Having someone who can craft an image around you, to best showcase your personality and spark.

We use portraits all the time – in our social media profiles and to showcase what we are like to work with, or just to share with friends. Finding a photographer who can provide a lot of options in a little bit of time means you will have some creative headshots, and also lifestyle images and stylish portraits to use for a while.

So, yes, your profile portraits should be unique, your social media profiles should show off you.

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