Hindu and Jewish wedding in Minneapolis

From the first time we talked via Skype, Olivia and Gaurav were clear that their ceremony would honor elements of each of their families – traditional Hindu outfits, Jewish-style hora dance, and a joint ceremony combining pieces of each. 

It was equally clear that they would be enjoying their wedding immensely – laughing with their families, celebrating with their friends, joyously joining their lives.

And they nailed it.


It was amazing how effortlessly this blending of cultures felt for the wedding day – they were married under in structure that served as both a chuppa and a mandap – housing their ceremony that contained elements of both traditions. 

They had a sangeet the night before with mehndi and more dancing in the indian tradition. 

The hora was exuberantly joined in by everybody (as all good horas are). 

Olivia‚Äôs mom helped to pin together the pieces of her Sari. She and Guarav signed a ketubah before the ceremony. 

Making a set of wedding celebrations will always be a personal and intimate experience. But this blending of traditions was done with such care and respect that it made one awesome day for all guests, who were able to celebrate fully and then leave the night dancing hard. 

Nothing is possible without other amazing event professionals. This one came together with this group:

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