Minnehaha Falls short portraits – how do portraits feel? Kaia and Greg

I was thrilled to have Kaia and Greg join me for a session just as the greenery started up at Minnehaha Falls. The high water means that falls have been raging this year and it makes for an amazing backdrop and even more gorgeous light filtering through sprays from the falls.

When I shared a preview image, Kaia sent me this lovely note. It is exactly, like, EXACTLY, what I hope a session will feel like – comfortable and fun and a moment of connection.

Thank you so much for tonight. I can’t even tell you how excited I am that we were able to connect. Both Greg and I were feeling uncomfortable about being photographed and we walked away talking about how much fun we had. I have so many nice words to say and I don’t even know how to say them. We just adore you and are so excited to see the photos. Thanks for such a special experience.

Kaia and Greg

This year, every Thursday night while the weather is good, I’m down by Minnehaha Falls taking portraits. I know that summer is busy, that we are busy, that schedules and life are busy.

Portraits can be a moment, a tiny sliver of time, to take a breath, enjoy the awesomeness that is a Minnesota summer, and just be together.

These portrait sessions are only 15 minutes so that they are easy to fit into your summer schedule.

My hope is that, in years to come, when we still have interminable winters and busy busy schedules, we might include those images as a way to reflect on the things that revive and encourage us – a warm evening together, laughing in the budding trees.

If you want to find time for a 15 minute SHORT session, you can check out my Thursdays at Minnehaha info page.