Minneapolis Restaurant Wedding – Anne + John

If you’ve seen my post about the photos that took me the longest to process in 2014, you probably have seen the 100+ image panorama of Anne + John featured in this post. It is only a small part of their wedding day, but it was a quiet beautiful moment of just the two of them. To me, their wedding seemed to be a series of those little moments, interspersed with the chatting and dinning that must accompany a wedding. Anne + John have a way of being together, even in a crowd of others, even when they are not together, that truly joins their lives.

What you might also see is the colorful aesthetic that they share as well – from Anne’s ice blue lace on her dress to the gorgeous parade of Spanish tapas and the paper banners that decorated their patio. A gorgeous celebration for a wonderful couple.

Anne and John are not necessarily a show-off kind of couple. For their wedding the avoided a lot of the trappings – no veil, no wedding party, just great food, lots of family, and a fantastic place to celebrate. But this is kind of a show-off picture, because it is actually close to 50 images stitched together  – I wanted to total crispness of Anne and John to stand out from the background, and a bokeh panorama does just that – bringing the effective f-stop down closer to 1.0 or even less (I have not crunched the numbers on this one, since crunching the photo slowed my computer down for about an hour already).

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