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Here is my theory when writing a blog post – the writing should be interesting even if to people who were not there. Interesting even if the wedding didn’t exist.

My husband is a food writer (at Heavytable.com if you want local food ideas!) and he has a similar approach to restaurant reviews – it isn’t about the exact experience, it is about the story that experience tells, the context it provides.

I’ve been a Minneapolis wedding photographer long enough to have seen venues open and close, trends come and go, stories begin and end. And so I am sharing this gorgeous wedding at of on my favorite wedding venues that no longer exists, Aria.

But the story is irrevocable – this gorgeousness happened, this joy was real, this experience was important.

So here is my obituary for Aria:

Long before it was a world class wedding venue, it was a theater, and a storage warehouse. It was ordinary, and strong, and made of things that last. And it lasted, and we celebrated there.

Venue: Aria
DJ : Instant Request
Catering: Deco Catering

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