Scandi meets MN

A MN elopement bringing Finnish style into MN parks.

If you are planning an outdoor MN elopement, then please take some inspiration from Riikka and Chris’s intimate wedding in Minnesota parks.

And if you are planning your MN elopement right before your move to Finland, as they did, then that is an uncanny coincidence, and you’ll probably be impressed by how well it turned out.

Tips for planning you MN Elopement in a park

  1. Rent a park shelter. Things can be much easier if you can just show up at a park you rent, put down your stuff, and say your vows. Making sure that park has a shelter is going to ensure you have a rain plan and a dedicated space to plan around.
  2. How small is “small” to you? I’ve documented weddings where I am one of the witnesses, and I’ve documented elopements that have 30 people present. Think about the right size for you and your partner.
  3. Be comfortable. Yes, its a great time to think more about what you are going to wear, and even wear something fancy. A huge bonus of a smaller wedding is being able to walk around and enjoy being outside!
  4. Avoid the crowds. Find a park that isn’t covered in people all summer long – having people in the back of your ceremony or grilling next to you while you say your vows can be super distracting!
  5. Go with less! Summer is so verdant and awesome in Minnesota, let the trees do the heavy lifting for you. Bring a bouquet or flower if you want to, and don’t stress about decor.
  6. Find the right light! Its a small ceremony, don’t face into the sun so you can’t see your partner, or situate so your guests can’t see you. Take a moment to just find the right corner of space.

Northern Asthetic meets Minnesota Elopement

I know there is an affinity for the Scandinavian here in Minnesota – clean lines and a bright palate and the occasional motif of hand-painted foxes. I share a love of that aesthetic, a desire to connect with a Nordic heritage that distinguishes the upper Midwest from the mid south.

That minimal, natural elegance can also be found in our parks.

A park shelter and the mid summer sun streaming through the oak trees overlooking the water – a touch of the clean countryside right outside of Minneapolis.

Minimalism is the perfect accompaniment to a MN Elopement

You might also find that a Scandinavian approach to minimalism lends itself well to the small, intimate wedding type of wedding Riikka and Chris planned. With all of summer’s foliage around them, they only needed a few flowers and a park shelter. A friend provided the music, an uncle lead the ceremony.

Thank you, Riikka and Chris, for letting me document your intimate and sun-drenched wedding.

And congratulations on many adventures to come!

Planning a small wedding?

I’d love to talk with you about documenting your small wedding and the celebration you are planning!