A small Minneapolis City Hall Wedding with Dayna and John

Can small weddings, elopements, and intimate weddings can still have the emotion and excitement and imagery of a full wedding? Short answer: yes. Long answer: Dayna and John’s wedding is proof

St Paul City Hall Elopement

The world’s largest onyx statue in the world spins slowly in the lobby of St Paul’s city hall, overseeing our progress through the metal detectors and out of our winter coats. It is February, or maybe late January, and it is very cold, but it is also clear in a way that only comes in winter. I’ve been invited to be the witness, and the photographer, for the legal ceremony of Anne and Jeremy. I’ve been honored to document weddings, to unexpectedly cry during vows, to laugh along with exuberant dancing, to retrieve misplaced marriage certificates, and know the complicated family dynamics that underpin…