Blue Ribbon winner – my watermelon pickle accomplishment

I’ve entered my family recipe for pickled watermelon rind in the Minnesota State Fair ever since I learned that they had their own category (Watermelon Pickles, Sweet). It took me 8 years, but in 2016 I won a blue ribbon and that sweet, sweet prize money ($7) In the way you might find a castle or signature ride at the center of other fairs, at the beating heart of the Minnesota State Fair is the Creative Activities building. Home to rows of canned goods, pies, traditional Scandinavian cookies (I don’t even know what those are), and crafts. Other things that I have…

Cinemagraphs – Peace Coffee in motion

Client: A series of cinemagraphs with Peace Coffee for Heavy Table. Details: I had to find movements which could be cyclical – so as to combine them into one repeating loop on location at Peace Coffee roastery & Peace Coffee cafe. Below are a series of cinemagraphs (short loops of images) and a selection of the frames that they are made from. Goals:  Create a series of images to combine into cinemagraphs. Depict elements of roasting and serving coffee and give visual access to parts of the process that are inaccessible to public.