Norskedalen Driftless WI Wedding – Robin and Logan

Norskedalen heritage center is a mouthful to pronounce and a place you would never just stumble into, but the preserved farm houses and shelters make for amazing views of the hills in all directions. And those hills made for an amazing backdrop for late night fireworks illuminated by the misty evening.

Its only a part of their love story – one location out of many, one day out of thousands. But it was a hell of a celebration, and the marking of a great partnership.

Chicago Engagement Portraits in Grant Park – Emma and Al

There’s not a word yet for old friends you’ve just met -Kermit Many years ago, I read an article in slate about the different types of “camp people”, which offered a gradient of ex-campers, from those who hated the experience to those who loved it. Beyond the people who really really really loved camp, the had…