6 tips for feeling comfortable in your engagement photos

Here is the thing about looking comfortable – it is much easier to do if you actually *feel* comfortable! That means that we all want the same thing – for you to be comfortable and actually have a good time. I’ve got 6┬átips for feeling comfortable in your engagement photos.

Favorite engagement photo locations around Minneapolis

There isn’t one right place for engagement photos, because there isn’t one right place that sums up what you are like as a couple. So this list isn’t meant to be comprehensive, because it never could be. It is meant to be a starting point as you consider what aspects of your couple-hood would be best served by backgrounds and greenery and buildings.

St Anthony Main Engagement Photos with Hannah and Nora, Minneapolis

What does it mean to keep seeing photos in the same places?

There is something odd about seeing the same spaces, but with new people. About seeing similar backdrops, but interchanging the people.

Because the truth is this: People are not interchangeable.

Approaching the same spaces with new eyes for these St Anthony main engagement photos.

I want you to be happy

We have fetish-ized looking obliquely at the camera. Frowning ever so slightly in the distance. Being stone faced in front of shadowy buildings. What happened to real joy. Like, unabashed hilariously giddy happy joy? That is what I document. That is what I want you to feel.

First Ave Engagement Photos Minneapolis MN

First Ave Engagement Photos, a love affair with Purple Rain, and a puppy that deserves all the treats So excited to share these First Ave Engagement Photos of Megan and Jay. I’m always excited to celebrate Minneapolis, and engagement photos are perhaps the best way to do that – to walk around the spaces we care about, to find the best ways to tell stories about people and places and connections. Thanks, Megan and Jay, for a wonderful afternoon, for bringing your hilarious dog and enough bacon for him to love me, and for picking such great spots to walk…

University of Minnesota and Guthrie Theater engagement portrait {Tonya & Emem}

Emem and Tonya contacted me about scheduling an engagement session in a location very dear to them – the campus of the University of Minnesota, where they met. Their colorful ideas and joyful personalities led us all the way to the Guthrie Theater, where we used some of the gorgeous spaces to bring a little drama and spice. It was such a total pleasure to document Tonya and Emem, their joy at being together, and their love of Minneapolis!

Dusk at the Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis engagement Bria and Alex

Bria and Alex met in Minneapolis, getting married in St Louis, and having such a good time along the way. I’m thrilled to travel to St Louis for their wedding, not only because I’ve had the best BBQ ribs of my life there, but because I know that they will celebrate with a lot of style, personality, and joy, and that is just a pleasure to be around. So, thanks for spending some time with me around the Stone Arch Bridge, for putting up with the blazing setting sun and the tourists, and my asking all the questions I can…

Minneapolis Destination Engagement photos Caryn + Sean

Caryn and Sean are planning their wedding from out of state, so when they flew in for their engagement session, we were able to focus on a very Minneapolis based session. If you are doing destination engagement photos, I think it is vital to combine the obvious with the subtle. So, Greetings from Minneapolis mural is a yes, a touch of historical vibe with Mill City, and onto what we do best in the Midwest – drinking beer (thanks, Fulton, for having some great session-able beers so I could drive home afterwards).