St Anthony Main Engagement Photos with Hannah and Nora, Minneapolis

About Hannah and Nora’s St Anthony Main Engagement Photos:

What does it mean to keep seeing photos in the same places?

Like, even a few years ago, I wasn’t inundated with photos at the same scenic cobblestone street every day, or the same bridge, or in front of that one restaurant.

I didn’t see row after row of photographers waiting to take a couple to the one “spot” for a photograph.

There is something odd about seeing the same spaces, but with new people. About seeing similar backdrops, but interchanging the people.

Because the truth is this: People are not interchangeable.

couple in silhouette with Minneapolis skyline behind them at golden hour  - St Anthony main engagement photos
Sun is too harsh and also just perfect.

Their relationship to the background must be unique, because their connection is unique.

Finding that connection can happen in a gorgeous location or in a dumpster.

two brides embrace with wind blowing in their hair - St Anthony main engagement photos
All the wind, all the love, perfectly imperfect moments are my favorites.

So, yeah, Hannah and Nora came into town for their engagement photos). And yeah, we hit some of the scenic highlights of Minneapolis because they remain scenic AF.

And we found real connection there.

minneapolis skyline at dusk with two brides - St Anthony main engagement photos
Give me that Minneapolis skyline, and I will put it into all the photos forever. St Anthony main engagement photos

When I see these places with Hannah and Nora, I see them as an extension of their story. As a representation of their connection.

These two make Minneapolis look even better, and I think everyone should move here.

portrait of couple on stairs by minnehaha falls. woman has her arm draped around mans shoulder, they are laughing

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