Museum Wedding at the Mia

There might be lots of reasons to have your museum wedding at the Mia, but amazing your guests is certainly one of them!

Solar Arts Wedding

Weddings are a strange mix of things, juxtaposed together:

People you have known for your whole life, together for the first time.

The person you love best in the world, dressed as you’ve never seen then.

Personal commitments you’ve made over time, codified into a celebration with friends.

Connections you can’t see coming, dance moves you’ve never imagined, tears of joy, laughter, and cake.

This is the magic of a wedding, and it’s what I strive to capture.

Varsity Theater wedding preview – Melanie and Mark

This was an amazing story about love that happened at the Loring and Varsity this weekend. Melanie and Mark and their amazing group of friends and family celebrated and danced and laughed.

Nicollet Pavilion Wedding Minneapolis – Becca and Jesse

Becca and Jesse’s Nicollet Pavilion Wedding couldn’t have done a better job of showing off the best of Minneapolis to all their guests. Yes, their love is infectious – they were playful and joyous and in the moment the entire day. The fall sun streaming through the trees during their ceremony contrasted perfectly with the…

Aster Cafe Wedding in Winter – Laura and Eric

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show. – Andrew Wyeth Before I gush about Laura and Eric’s Aster Cafe Wedding in Winter I think I should make it clear – the temperature outside was around zero. I think that…

Minneapolis Campus Club Wedding – Emily and Jonathan

When the groom is also a photographer, there can be a little bit of extra pressure to make sure the wedding photography is something special. But working with Jonathan and Emily on their wedding was anything but stressful – they were so joy filled and deliberate in their choices that they day went was a…

Minneapolis Event Center Wedding – Caryn and Sean

It was lovely to work with Caryn and Sean, first for their summer engagement photos in Minneapolis, and then for their Minneapolis Event Center wedding. As you will discover when you plan a wedding, there are things you can plan for, like photo lists and timing.  But the most important thing to plan for is…

Minneapolis Guthrie Theater Winter Wedding – Jill and Brant

A winter wedding in a dark space at the top of the city? Perfect. That is exactly what Jill and Brant had for their celebration – dark, intimate spaces, a view overlooking the Mississippi river, and the most glamorous space in Minneapolis. Jill and Brant’s wedding at the Guthrie theater was a little bit of…