Young Joni Wedding in Minneapolis

Katie and Ross’s Young Joni Wedding made New Years eve more memorable than ever!

Let me tell you a story about weddings – after photographing 400 weddings over the years, each wedding continues to have it’s own cadence and balance.

Some are quiet and introspective still-life paintings.

Some are impressionistic daubs of color and texture. I have a museum in my head of the weddings I’ve documented, and it is gorgeous to look through.

Semple Mansion wedding – Amy + Chuck

Semple Mansion Wedding with Dinosaurs, cake, and so much dancing “This is the most realistic dinosaur we could find” I think those were the first words Chuck said to me when I arrived for his wedding, while handing me a toy dinosaur (which was fairly lifelike, if only 3 inches tall). And thus began a day FULL of laughter. The dinos, the jokes, the singing, the dancing, and the best man’s speech that gave insightful analysis of Amy + Chuck’s relationship as displayed by the percentage of facebook posts about cats. Two people who are clearly so full of a love for…