Wedding at Solar Arts – Megan and James

I’m always psyched when a couple tells me they are planning their wedding at Solar Arts in NE Minneapolis because I know that we definitely share two things in common: we love food, and we value how your guests celebrate with you! So I was thrilled to meet with Megan and James for a beer on the first floor of Solar Arts at Indeed Brewing (their wooden soul barrel aged program remains a gem of brewing) to discuss their wedding plans. And that is also where we stopped for a drink right after their ceremony on the 3rd floor of…

Aria Wedding Minneapolis

Despite being a wedding photographer, I’m not a particularly romantic person. It is probably the Scandinavian in me, but I tend to the practical. But all of that is out the window for Mallory and Ian’s Minneapolis Aria wedding.

Kelsey and Bob’s Machine Shop Wedding, Minneapolis

Hello! You might find this blog post because you know Kelsey and Bob, or because you are interested in the Machine Shop as a venue. Or you might be my mom (Hi, Mom). I just want to say that it is a supreme pleasure to be chosen to document important days in people’s lives. Like, its a really big deal. I’m so thrilled to share these here. I’ve been documenting weddings for over 10 years, and each wedding continues to bring new challenges and new opportunities. Kelsey and Bob’s Machine shop wedding was something spectacular, and I hope they enjoy…

Minneapolis Sci-Fi Lovers wedding – Kelly and Jason

Honestly, Kelly and Jason’s intense love of many things sci-fi was such an awesome running theme for their wedding. I loved geeking out with them, finding all the details (because, well, I am also a sci-fi nerd) and documenting how much fun they had. One thing I find difficult as I write about weddings all the time is this – we often look through photos from events and focus on the details that look charming, the elements that stand out. But to me weddings aren’t about the trappings. I don’t want to distill a celebration down to the most common…

Aria Minneapolis Warehouse Wedding – Jill and Pat

What can say about Jill and Patrick’s Minneapolis warehouse wedding at Aria that the photos don’t show? It was happy and gorgeousand had a great band.

Aria Winter Wedding Minneapolis

Couples often want to know if I can take photos in dark spaces. Long Answer: Not only can I take photos in dark spaces, but I think it is vital for photographers in the Upper Midwest to be able to do so. Alicia and Blake’s wedding was stunning, and warm, and vibrant, and gorgeous. And it didn’t feel dark – it felt glowing. Being able to convey that in images is my job and my honor. So, yeah. I’ll take photos in dark spaces, in winter, in caves, at night. However you are celebrating, that’s what I want to document.

Minneapolis Warehouse Theater Wedding – Jess + Luke

Shooting frequently in the same places can either be a challenge or a repetition. I feel so lucky to have clients who get married at the Loring Pasta Bar and Varsity Theater– no matter how often I shoot there, there is always a new angle to find and bring a different perspective. I love the dark moody-ness and the wacky eccentricities of the space, and the combination of vintage and post-apocalyptic warehouse. Sometimes you find the southern charm, sometimes the french noir, sometimes the modern color, but always something new. And so for Jess and Luke, the Loring and Varsity was all vintage charm –…

Solera Restaurant Wedding Minneapolis {Ali & Jud}

Ali & Jud’s wedding at Solera was much more about their commitment and love than it was about the 10 course Tapas menu, but the food really made the celebration more tangible! Besides a quick run to Gold Medal Park for photos between the ceremony and reception, I also stole them away for a few photos at night, including some epic lighting with a brick wall. Ceremony & Reception: Solera Restaurant Hotel: Westin