Museum Wedding at the Mia

There might be lots of reasons to have your museum wedding at the Mia, but amazing your guests is certainly one of them!

New Years Eve Wedding at Minneapolis Event Center

Merav and Ian’s celebration was equal parts ceremony and celebration, and that made for one amazing party!

A destination wedding by Acadia National Park in Maine – Robbin and Andy

A marriage of scotch whisky and blueberry soup.

Planning your Minnesota Camp Wedding – recommendations from a photographer

Recommendations for planning your camp wedding photography from a wedding photographer and former counselor, and lifelong camp person. TIP ONE: GET IN THE CANOE

Hidden Meadow Barn Wedding, Wisconsin – Justin and Abby

Things you can tell just by looking at this Hidden Meadow Barn wedding I’ve spent the last few weeks updating my website – choosing the images that will represent my work to couples who find me, thinking about the kinds of questions couples have when they are planning their wedding and how I can best…

Wabasha Street Caves Wedding, St Paul MN – Ava and Alex

If the sandstone caves along the bluffs of the Mississippi river could share stories, we could get a full glimpse of our history – carved by water and time, home to breweries, then prohibition smuggling, occasionally cheese or mushrooms or storage.

Would those caves imagine dancing and weddings?

St Paul Cathedral and St Paul History Center Wedding – Greta and Mike

Classic is a good starting point to describe Greta and Mike’s wedding at the St Paul Cathedral and History Center. They chose spaces that show off the gorgeous history of old Saint Paul from giant stone architecture to views of the Mississippi. The Cathedral of course is a gorgeous and imposing building to spend time…

Under Construction home engagement photos

Home Engagement Photos in an Unfinished St Paul Kitchen We all welcome chaos into our lives in various ways – we try new jobs, or make last minute vacation plans. We cook without a recipe, and run in the winter. I salute Nicole and Tim, for making a plan for chaos – for knowing that…