Minneapolis Institute of Art Wedding Photographer

Getting married in an art museum brings a whole vibe with it – your guests can feel right away the weight of a wedding- the structural nature of a marriage, the way that it houses communities and celebrations, but remains itself.

Minneapolis Institute of Art wedding

James J Hill Library Wedding Photography

Couples planning their wedding at the James J Hill Library in St Paul often ask me how their photos will look in such a dark space. Your photos can definitely look as awesome and majestic as the building, but it does require some planning and the right photographer. When you were looking at venues, the JJ Hill Library probably…

St Paul Science Museum Wedding

Jessica & Mike are scientists. In a scientific world, like Jessica & Mike live in, there is still room for those things beyond our control. Snow, like love, is visible, observable, magnificent, and totally beyond our dominion. All we can do is acknowledge that it exists, and be thankful. Having their wedding in the Science…