Hilltop Spring Green Wedding

Are you planning a wedding in Western Wisconsin’s driftless area, The Hilltop venue, Spring Green, Dodgeville, or a Taliesin inspired venue? I would love to talk with you more about your photography! I’m from Madison, I live in Minneapolis, I travel all over the Midwest, and I love the unique landscapes of this area.

Eau Claire WI Wedding – Jenny and Jim

Sometimes, when people find out I’m a wedding photographer, they want to hear my most salacious worst stories. They want to hear about debauchery, or fist fights, or tantrums about table linens. And the truth is, I don’t have any stories like that. (I did lose my shoes one time, but that was a legitimate misadventure.) But weddings, at least all the weddings I’ve photographed, are never like the movie versions. They are celebratory and intimate and sometimes a little goofy. They are a culmination of years of relationship building and planning and sharing of lives. And all of my…

Betsy and Nic and Madison’s capitol from the Edgewater hotel

I don’t know that there is anything more I can say than this image already says – Betsy and Nic and Madison’s capitol from the Edgewater hotel, after a full day of wedding and celebrating and laughing. Also, no rain.

Wisconsin Wedding on the Prairie – Mindy and Peter

Everyone brings layers of meaning to every gathering they attend; their personal history, their hopes and goals, their experience, their relationships. Can we ever truly share an experience together? Perhaps we are always experiencing facets of the same event, even as we attend it together. After hundreds of weddings, I am even more enamored by the newness, the unique combination of events and people and emotion, that each wedding brings. I bring the memories and experiences from past weddings I’ve documented, but each wedding is a new opportunity, a new set of photographic challenges, a unique moment in time that I get to…