New Years Eve Wedding at Minneapolis Event Center

Merav and Ian’s celebration was equal parts ceremony and celebration, and that made for one amazing party!

Hindu and Jewish wedding in Minneapolis

Olivia and Gaurav’s blend of Hindu and Jewish wedding traditions created a spectacular celebration on this Minnesota evening.

Minneapolis Orthodox Jewish Wedding

On timlessness and beauty at this Minneapolis Orthodox Jewish Wedding Doesn’t everyone hope that, looking back at their wedding photos, there will be something effortless and classic that lasts? Beyond the changing senses of style and technology, past the newest fad in lighting or hairstyles – something organic and timeless. I hope for that with every wedding I shoot. And I find it in every wedding I shoot – it isn’t generally found in the details, no matter how stunning, or in the decorations or even in the clothes. Its always found in the interactions between people. Honest, and beautiful and gorgeous beyond measure. All of which is…