Minneapolis Park Elopement – Becca and Eric

Gratitide for a Minneapolis park elopement during COVID – thank you for masks, for being your witness, for a gorgeous day in a year of clouds

Minneapolis Adventurous Elopement wedding photos

What if the adventure of being in winter is part of your elopement story? Lucy and David brought along two very accommodating witnesses for an adventurous trek through the snow and into their wedding day.

Intimate breakfast wedding at Como Conservatory – Susan and Eric

Breakfast wedding in a garden? Yes, please! Susan and Eric’s breakfast wedding at Como Conservatory was a perfect blend of elegant and comfortable. Just immediate family, tasty brunch foods, and the floral splendor of Como Park’s Sunken Garden. And because Eric loves penguins, we enjoyed walking around the como zoo for a few photos with our favorite aquatic mammals, including a very special visit from the polar bear. It was a total joy to be at Susan and Eric’s wedding. I can’t even begin to describe how warm and loving the ceremony was, how silly and joy-filled the brunch, and…

St Paul City Hall Elopement

The world’s largest onyx statue in the world spins slowly in the lobby of St Paul’s city hall, overseeing our progress through the metal detectors and out of our winter coats. It is February, or maybe late January, and it is very cold, but it is also clear in a way that only comes in winter. I’ve been invited to be the witness, and the photographer, for the legal ceremony of Anne and Jeremy. I’ve been honored to document weddings, to unexpectedly cry during vows, to laugh along with exuberant dancing, to retrieve misplaced marriage certificates, and know the complicated family dynamics that underpin…

Day of the dead Edina wedding {Lindsey + Brandon}

I generally don’t go for long description of my clients and what they planned, or gush over details. I love weddings because I love real moments, no matter if the tablescapes were perfectly planned or not. I love when people bring themselves into their weddings, no matter if that manifests as a sparkly princess gown or a simple cocktail dress. That said, there is something exceptionally fun about a bride who will wear her grandmothers (stunning!) wedding gown while also wearing day of the dead skull makeup. And, as you can imagine, Lindsey + Brandon are exceptional people who have…