Small Minneapolis City Hall wedding and brewery reception – Marie and Andrew

Marie and Andrew’s City Hall wedding was pre-pandemic, so it was small but not socially distanced. What would the photos look like if I had shot it during restrictions? Definitely more masks during the cocktail hour and the ceremony. Otherwise, very similar – small group, outside photos when we can.

Como Conservatory Wedding – Katie and Jason’s small wedding in St Paul

Katie and Jason were ahead of the curve – intimate wedding at Como Conservatory (in the sunken garden – the best smelling wedding venue in the world) and a reception at a restaurant in Cathedral Hill.

Aster Cafe Wedding in Winter – Laura and Eric

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show. – Andrew Wyeth Before I gush about Laura and Eric’s Aster Cafe Wedding in Winter I think I should make it clear – the temperature outside was around zero. I think that should be said before anything else. In winter, we agree to share our burden: we remove our jackets, and scarves, and hats. And we agree, for this time, to be warm together. To find a corner of this bleak cold, sometimes beautiful and sometimes dangerous…

St Olaf College Wedding – Clayton and Jared

From their classic St Olaf College Wedding to their late night dancing, these two grooms had it all Days that start with bow ties and end with dance parties are pretty spectacular. I would expect no less from these two grooms after their engagement photographs turned into an impromptu champagne party. And so it was with Clayton and Jared’s wedding day – a formal garden party ceremony and reception on the gorgeous spring grounds of St Olaf College. A reception with a grey ombre cake and doughnuts, very good friends, toasts that made even this wedding photographer tear up a…

Planning your Minneapolis Elopement

So, people come to plan their elopements for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you are choosing something more flexible and small because COVID has affected your wedding plans. Or perhaps you are psyched that the pandemic has made it easier for you to explain to your family that you always wanted to elope in the first place!

Maybe you want to get married now, and plan for a party later.

That is awesome, and however you come to an elopement, know that you can have a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.

If you are planning on eloping in Minneapolis or St Paul, I have some tips to keep in mind and also some suggestions for your photography.

St Paul City Hall Elopement – Darby and Alex

When people mention a “city hall elopement” you might imagine a combination of airy modern skyways paired with old dark offices. But one of the most remarkable buildings in Minnesota is definitely St Paul’s city hall, where Darby and Alex chose to exchange their vows in the breathtaking lobby. For some reason, this art deco moody masterpiece is stunningly in tact. From the dark marble walls and gold mirrored ceiling to the intricate bronze and stone elevators, everything is in service to the three story Vision of Peace statue in the lobby. Three story tall statue. An intimate wedding brings…

Carleton College Wedding – Heather and Carl

Heather and Carl, their decades-in-the-making romance and their tremendous joining of families in joy, was a pleasure to document. Thank you for sharing Carleton College with me, on a gorgeous summer day. View other intimate weddings and elopements

Minnesota Lake Wedding Nancy and Tiffany

I’ve had a difficult time blogging Nancy and Tiffany’s wedding. Not because it was hard to choose images, but because by blogging it I’m sort of putting an end marker on our time together. I don’t really want to magic to end, I suppose. Which is to say, it’s taken me like a year to finally write about their lovely slightly rainy Minnesota lake wedding. We started at Nancy’s parents house, where rain kept us inside for photos, leading to my discovery that a rain drop sprinkled window is makes for a moody backdrop, even if Nancy and Tiffany had…